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M. Moksadul Islam - Legal Steps Chamber

M. Moksadul Islam - Legal Steps Chamber
Trademarks, Copyrights, Patents, & Full Service Intellectual Property Law Firm in Dhaka, Bangladesh 3A, Sonartori Tower
12, Sonargaon Road, Banglamotor
Dhaka 1000
Phone+880 2 8651570
Fax +880 2 8650261


 Law Firm Overview

Legal Steps is a general practice law firm located in Dhaka, Bangladesh. We offer diversified and extensive legal services and provide our clients with solutions that optimize their development strategies, protect their rights, and help our clients reach their objectives. In short, we provide legal effectiveness.

Our firm offers services in wide range of sectors that include business law, administrative law and litigation; meeting virtually every need of the client.

We believe in non-compartmentalization, i.e., our environmental lawyers also possess skills in business law and immigration law. The same can be said of our colleagues who practice different sectors.

The Rules of Arbitration of the Bangladesh Council of Arbitration (BCA), framed by Mr. Islam under the auspices of Federation of Bangladesh Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FBCCI) (, the apex business body of Bangladesh, is one of his major achievements. In acknowledgment of his achievement, Mr. Islam has been appointed the Consultant of BCA.

Languages: English, Bengali, Urdu, and Hindi.

Practice Areas

  •     Administrative Law
  •     Admiralty & Maritime
  •     Agency & Distributorship
  •     Alternative Dispute Resolution
  •     Antitrust & Trade Regulation
  •     Appellate Practice
  •     Arbitration
  •     Aviation Law
  •     Banking & Finance
  •     Banking Law
  •     Bankruptcy
  •     Business & Industry
  •     Business Law
  •     Civil Litigation
  •     Civil Rights
  •     Commercial Law
  •     Commercial Litigation
  •     Communication
  •     Constitutional Law
  •     Consumer Law
  •     Copyright
  •     Corporate Law
  •     Corporate Litigation
  •     Credit & Mortgage
  •     Criminal Law
  •     Customs Law
  •     E-Commerce
  •     Employee Benefits
  •     Employees Rights
  •     Employment
  •     Energy
  •     Entertainment Law
  •     Environmental & Natural Resources
  •     Environmental Law
  •     Family Law
  •     Finance
  •     Financial Litigation
  •     Financial Services Law
  •     Franchising
  •     General Practice
  •     Government
  •     Health Care
  •     Human Rights
  •     Immigration
  •     Information Technology
  •     Insurance
  •     Intellectual Property
  •     International Arbitration
  •     International Investments
  •     International Law
  •     International Trade
  •     Internet Law
  •     Joint Ventures
  •     Labor
  •     Landlord & Tenant Law
  •     Litigation
  •     Media
  •     Mergers & Acquisitions
  •     Natural Resources
  •     Naturalization & Citizenship
  •     Offshore Services
  •     Patents
  •     Privatization Law
  •     Project Finance
  •     Property Law
  •     Science & Technology
  •     Securities
  •     Tax
  •     Telecommunications Law
  •     Trade
  •     Trade Investment
  •     Trademark
  •     Unfair Competition
  •     Visa
  •     Work Permit
Additional Practice Areas: Public Interest Litigation; Company Law.

Practice Areas Description

Legal Steps provides legal representation and services in the following areas of practice:

• International Joint Ventures;
• International Trade;
• Company Law;
• Foreign Direct Investment;
• Corporate and Commercial Laws;
• Project Finance;
• Banking & Insurance;
• Documentary Credit;
• Mergers & Acquisition;
• Maritime and Admiralty Law;
• Securities Laws and Regulations;
• Environmental Law;
• Constitutional Law & Public Interest Litigation;
• Arbitration - International & National;
• Immigration and Naturalization;
• Claim Recovery and General Practice;
• Administrative and Judicial Review;
• Family Child Law;
• Intellectual Property Law–Registration and Litigation;
• Employment Law and Human Rights Law.

- Immigration

Foreign national can enter and work in Bangladesh in the subsidiary of a foreign company (irrespective of whether 100% foreign owned or a joint venture), in a liaison or branch office or in any Bangladeshi company. It’s a complicated process and required huge leg works. Minimum of one month is required.

- Labor or Employment Law

Labor law deals with the rights and obligations of workers, union members and employers in the workplace. Generally, labor law covers.

• Industrial relations – certification of unions, labor-management relations, collective bargaining and unfair labor practices
• Workplace health and safety
• Employment standards, including general holidays, annual vacations, working hours, unjust dismissals, minimum wage, layoff procedures and severance pay.

- Company Law

The Registrar of Joint Stock Companies and Firms (RJSC) is the sole authority which facilitates formation of companies etc.; and keeps track of all ownership related issues as prescribed by the laws in Bangladesh. The Registrar is the authority of the Office of the Registrar of Joint Stock Companies and Firms, Bangladesh.

- Patents and Design

An application for a patent may be made by any person alone or jointly with any other person. The application must be made in the prescribed form, and must be filed at the Patent Office in the prescribed manner. The application must contain a declaration to the effect that the applicant is in possession of an invention, whereof he, or in the case of a joint application one at least of the applicants, claims to be the true and first inventor or the legal representative or assign of such inventor and for which he desires to obtain a patent, and must be accompanied by complete specification.

- Copyright

There are both civil and criminal remedies for infringement of copyright. Civil remedy: where a copyright is infringed, the owner of such right will get all the civil remedies including injunctions and compensation. Criminal remedy is also available.

- Trademark

Anyone claiming to be the proprietor of a trademark may apply to the Registrar for the registration of the said mark. Bangladeshi nationals and foreigners have equal right in this regard but a foreign applicant must be represented by a local agent.

    Representative Clients

    Bangladesh Council of Arbitration (BCA)
    Federation of Bangladesh Chambers of Commerce (FBCCI)
    Ekushey Television Limited (ETV)
    Bangladesh Yellow Pages (Pvt.) Ltd
    Al-Arafah Islami Bank Limited
    Shamil Bank Limited
    Regent Ken International Limited (Indonesian company)
    Tania Textile Mills Limited
    Niagara Textiles Limited
    Niagara Febrics Limited
    Aurora Agribusiness Limited
    Bangladesh Masters Stevedores Association
    Numerous high profile national and international dignitaries
    Infosys Technologies Limited, India
    Gilionical Avions


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